The Robbery: Justice for Andy

Truman Adams has sticky fingers. He likes to take things. Truman met Evelyn Miller, a single lady who owned the finest set of silverware in town. Evelyn’s silverware was a priceless, irreplaceable heirloom handed down mother to daughter for generations. Truman asked Evelyn if he could come over to her house and see the set. Evelyn, flattered by the attention, invited Truman over for coffee. During their visit, Truman asked if he could handle the silverware, which Evelyn agreed to.
While they are visiting and appreciating the silverware Andy Johnson stopped by. Andy, an HVAC repairman, was hired by Ms. Miller to repair the furnace. As she showed Andy the furnace room Truman saw his opening and quickly left with the priceless silver. The Miller family heirloom and Truman Adams were long gone when she returned.
Evelyn called the police and filed a stolen property report. After three weeks of searching for Truman Adams, he was finally located. He confessed to stealing, selling the silver and gambling away his gains at the poker table. Ms. Miller pressed charges, a court date was set and a jury convened. The day of the trial came. Evidence was presented and testimony given. After deliberation, the jury reached their decision.
The foreman for the jury stood and said, “Your honour, we, the jury have reached a decision in the case of Miller v Adams. The defence showed conclusively that Ms. Miller was negligent with her silverware. The prosecution showed conclusively that Mr. Adams had intent and motive to steal the items in question. The prosecution also demonstrated that Mr. Adams is indeed the person who stole and profited from the sale of the silverware. Therefore, we, the members of the jury do hereby find Andy Johnson guilty of the crime and recommend the death penalty by lethal injection.”
Why was the furnace repairman found guilty of a crime he didn’t commit? Why should he have to suffer the death penalty for a robbery he had no part in? If this were to happen in a court of law we would throw up our hands in outrage. Yet, it happens every day. Innocent children suffer the death penalty for being the product of a sexual union that they had no part in. Abortion is an outrage. The innocent are paying the price for someone else’s sin.

Published by David B. Smith

Author, podcaster, pastor, and Big Pappa to my grandchildren.

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