Pastor’s Letter – April 12, 2020 – Easter Sunday

And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

Matthew 28:5-6

Dear Church and Friends,

Hallelujah, He is Risen! What a wonderful day to celebrate the Lord’s resurrection. In the video today I attempt a sunrise service but the overcast sky kept the sun from making an appearance.

Matthew 28:1-10 tells the story of the two Marys’ trip to the tomb. They got more than they bargained for. An earthquake, terrified keepers, a stone rolled away, an angel sitting on the top of the stone, an invitation by the angel to look into the empty tomb, and a command to go tell the others. Whew!

They never expected so much excitement and action to come from a trip to a graveyard. Usually those are quiet places. Jesus turned that quiet place into a place of angel words. All of this happening on the first day of the week established for the church our day of worship.

We are not seventh day people. We are first day people, called the Church. Even though we cannot gather and celebrate together remember one another. Peter said, “knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.” All over the world today, at different times of the day, the church is looking to the sunrise and celebrating the Risen Son.

Music: Resurrection Day, original music arranged and performed by Joy Chadwell at Creek Road Baptist Church.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for the people of the Yellow River Valley.

A Muslim-background believer (MBB) was able to discuss some readings from the New Testament with his brother. Ask for an open, seeking heart for this family member and wisdom for the MBB as he guides in the study and talks with his brother. Ramadan begins the evening of April 23, and Muslims will begin a month long fast. They will get up an hour and half to two hours before sunrise to eat and drink before it is light. They may sleep an hour or two before going to work or to school but will not eat or drink anything until after the sun sets. Ask that as these people are hungry and thirsty through the day, it will cause them to hunger for God’s truth. Pray for dreams and visions that will point them to Jesus, the only one who can satisfy them.

Catechism: The Principles of the Christian Religion.

  • Question 64: What do you call the new obedience?
  • Answer: A careful endeavor which the faithful have to give unfeigned obedience unto all God’s commandments, according to that measure of strength wherewith God does enable them.
  • Question 65: What rule have we for the direction of our obedience?
  • Answer: The moral law of God, the sum thereof is contained in the Ten Commandment.

“Greet ye one another with a kiss of charity. Peace be with you all that are in Christ Jesus. Amen.”

All my best.

And they departed quickly from the sepulchre with fear and great joy; and did run to bring his disciples word.

Matthew 28:8

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Author, podcaster, pastor, and Big Pappa to my grandchildren.

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