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“What about the election?”

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A journal written under the stricture of a 15-minute timer.

Over the thanksgiving holiday a friend of mine asked me my opinion on the election and if I was worried one way or another.

I assured him that I was paying as little attention to things as possible. Not because I’m insensitive to the tides of political strife in the nation but because I know that the Lord sits enthroned over all the affairs of men. No matter what I think about Trump or Biden, no matter who I want to be in the White House, the Lord’s plan will prevail.

I told my friend that I try to keep worry and fear to a minimum. I know myself well enough over my 60 years to know how I can get rapped up in politics. It’s a blood sport with a high adrenaline count. I’ve also seen just how broken people can get over who wins and who loses.

Another factor in this period is the appearance of overwhelming fear. The fear of the virus has joined forces with the fear of a crumbling electoral system. People are in deep despair and dread.

The only remedy for this illness is a quiet dependence on the Lord. I read Psalm 4 Sunday last to my congregation. “I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety.” We need this kind of confident faith right now to combat the forces of fear arrayed against us.

As a pastor I must lead the way in that effort. It’s not enough for me to teach this way and not walk it myself. The Shepherd must lead in Biblical spirituality or the people never will. They might not anyway but if their pastor doesn’t then their chances of doing so are slim. If trust isn’t in the pulpit how can we expect it to be in the pew.

We talked about many aspects of the recent events in America ranging from the virus to the riots. All of these things we agreed to place in the hand of the Lord and trust him during this storm tossed time.

Times up!

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