Pastor’s Letter – March 1, 2021 – Things Profitable and Unprofitable

These things are good and profitable unto men.

Titus 3:8

Dear Church and Friends,

We are bombarded with voices telling us what things are good for us and what things are harmful. Sometimes, those voices have our well-being at heart, and sometimes those voices have their profit in view. The apostle gave Titus two similar lists. These things are profitable for our souls.

Profitable Things:
  • This is a faithful saying, and these things I will that thou affirm constantly, Titus 3:8a

Titus was given a great deal of material to “speak.” In 2:1 Paul tells him to “. . . speak thou the things which become sound doctrine.” That chapter ends (2:15) with a similar command to Titus, “These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no man despise thee.” So when the apostle said that Titus should “affirm” the things that make for sound doctrine, we are not surprised.

  • that they which have believed in God might be careful to maintain good works. Titus 3:8b

But what are those things that comprise the sound doctrine Titus was to teach? Paul sums up the list with the words “good works.” Look back to the description of how each group was to behave themselves in 2:2-13, and 3:1-2. These are the good works that Paul wants believers to maintain.

  • These things are good and profitable unto men. Titus 3:8c

It is healthy for us to maintain good works for our witness’ sake, but also because it’s just a good thing. Notice that the apostle mentions that those things are good “unto men.” Our very creation still needs these godly qualities for us to have a flourishing life. So, believers and unbelievers can benefit from engaging in these good works that Titus was told to make a hallmark of his ministry.

Unprofitable Things:

I won’t spend much time on the unprofitable things. These correspond to the list in 1:11-16 that describe the false teachers who were sneaking into the church. The apostle said in that passage “not giving heed to” here it is “avoid.”

  • But avoid foolish questions,
  • and genealogies,
  • and contentions,
  • and strivings about the law;
  • for they are unprofitable and vain. Titus 3:9

Notice that this list ends with the opposite language. In verse 8 he said these things are “good and profitable.” Here he said that they are “unprofitable and vain.” No profit, no health, no human flourishing will ever be found in such “contentions.”

Dear Church, let us so live that we are constantly maintaining good works and enjoying the profit that comes there by.

Music: Unto the Lamb by Russ Taff.

Prayer Request: Please pray for the following.

  • David McIlvaine, Richmond, Va. David McIlvaine is a pediatric healthcare chaplain serving at Bon Secours Mercy Health in Richmond, Va. “I am the chaplain for Noah’s Children, a palliative/hospice organization that works with children who are on palliative and hospice care. Starting the first of December through this past week, I have dealt with the passing of seven children. I hit a really low spot in my personal and professional life during this time as I had no time to recover from one when a new one came about. I was hurting, and I spent days crying as I was trying to recover. My mentor and counselor is really helpful. Please pray I get some recovery time. Also, I have taken on a new role as the bereavement coordinator for the five hospitals within the hospital system I work for. This is good for me, but has caused a few internal issues with other members of staff. Pray that these issues can be resolved and that I am allowed to do the job they hired me for.”

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Craig’s Catechism: The Third Part of Our Belief.

  • Question 266: Why are these names given to the Holy Spirit? Answer: Because He works all these things in us.
  • Question 267: What are these graces called? Answer: Sanctification, regeneration, or new birth and spirit.
  • Question 268: What is our corrupted state called? Answer: The old man, old Adam, flesh and blood.
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All my best,

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