The Pastor’s Letter – July 13, 2021 – Reading God’s Word

And he said unto him, Behold now, there is in this city a man of God, and he is an honourable man;

1 Samuel 9:6

Dear Church and Friends,

Recently while studying for a sermon on 1 Samuel 9:1-10, I read two completely different perspectives on the verse 6. This is nothing new. I guess I’m use to it; even though I know I won’t be able to use everything I read, I still look for treasure. However, this time the difference in point of view was so stark that it jumped out at me. (Watch the video for more of my comments on this subject.)

One treats the passage as literature and finds discrepancy on every page by manufacturing conflicts within the text. The other looks at the story as a revelation of God. It points immediately to the devotional application and considers what the text is telling us about Saul and by application, us.

How do you read God’s word?

Music: Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken, by Indelible Grace.

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Prayer Request: Please pray for the following.

  • Lois Lunsford: Hospital stay for respiratory issues.
  • Alan Barker: The loss of his sister.
  • Barb Smith, Jeanne Bond and the families that care for them.

Poetry: Praise for the Incarnation by John Newton.

Sweeter sounds than music knows
Charm me in Immanuel's name;
All her hopes my spirit owes
To his birth, and cross, and shame.

When he came, the angel sung,
"Glory be to God on high;"
Lord, unloose my stamm'ring tongue,
Who should louder sing than I?

Did the Lord a man become,
That he might the law fulfill, 
Bleed and suffer in my room,
And canst thou, my tongue be still?

No, I must my praises bring,
though they worthless are and weak;
For should I refuse to sing,
Sure the very stones would speak.

O my Savior, Shield, and Sun,
Shepherd, Brother, Husband, Friend,
Ev'ry precious name in one,
I will love thee without end.

Craig’s Catechism: How the Church is to be Known

  • Question 320: Are the sin and the punishment both forgiven? Answer: Yes, no doubt, since the one follows upon the other.
  • Question 321: But sometimes the punishment remains after the sin? Answer: The punishment is not a satisfaction for sin.
  • Question 322: What is it then, seeing it comes from sin? Answer: It is a Fatherly correction and a preservative medicine.

All my best,

And the servant answered Saul again, and said, Behold, I have here at hand the fourth part of a shekel of silver: that will I give to the man of God, to tell us our way.

1 Samuel 9:8

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