A Dilemma for Dathan

(This is virtually the same story yet with major differences as published on 2/19/2022)

Dathan Williams was a wealthy Christian man who had everything. He was the textbook picture of success. His wife, Janice, was a successful business leader in her own right. Together they commanded an empire that spread over three continents. This is how things looked to people on the outside. The money, fame, beauty of Janice, as well as the skill and confidence of Dathan led most to celebrate their success. However, things were not as harmonious inside their home.

Dathan began to take private trips to Las Vegas. At first, it was to escape the turmoil of his family life, but then it became so much more. The phrase, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” was Dathan’s motto. He began to gamble more and more. The more he gambled the more he lost. He started to dip into the company funds and to step out on Janice. All this seemed okay at the time, besides, he deserved a little relaxation.

What started as an escape turned into an addiction. Before he knew it, he was in debt to the casinos by millions of dollars. All this time he was withdrawing money directly from the business. When the COO of Dathan and Janice’s holdings realized what had happened it was too late. The company defaulted on its loans and had to be liquidated to cover Dathan’s gambling debt. Janice left him and took their children, their home, and what was left of their life. He suddenly found himself cut off from his friends and even his extended family wouldn’t talk to him. He contracted a sexual disease and excessive drinking ruined his health.

Down on his luck and with no place to turn he cried out to God, “Lord, why have you cast my soul away, why do you hide your face from me?”

How would you counsel Dathan? Should the Lord be blamed?

Published by David B. Smith

Author, podcaster, pastor, and Big Pappa to my grandchildren.

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