Christian Marriage: An Introduction

Dear Church and Friends, The Questions podcast is beginning its third season with a change. Over seven episodes I will explore the subject of Christain Marriage. After nearly forty years of performing weddings, I decided it’s time to share a little about the Christian expression of marriage before we lose it altogether. I hope youContinue reading “Christian Marriage: An Introduction”

Sunday Morning Worship – June 19, 2022 – King David’s Mens’ Conference

Dear Church and Friends, Mens’ conferences abound on the national Christian scene today. What would a mens’ conference look like in the Bible? Would it be flashy with the latest Christian Rock band headlining the event? Would it be led by a high-powered evangelist? Or, would it look something like what we find in 1Continue reading “Sunday Morning Worship – June 19, 2022 – King David’s Mens’ Conference”