Lamentations 1.2 ~ All Her Lovers

She weepeth sore in the night, Swimming in her bed of affliction. And her tears are on her cheeks, The Lord keeps them in His bottle. Among all her lovers, Those who made her promises, She hath none to comfort her; Only He tenderly speaks to the burdened soul. All her friends, Those who saidContinue reading “Lamentations 1.2 ~ All Her Lovers”

Lamentations 1.1 – Princess

How doth the city sit solitary, I heard it never slept. That was full of people! Where have they all gone? How is she become as a widow! Death stalks the streets. She that was great among the nations, Now is a laughing stock, a by-word. And princess among the provinces, She gave up honorContinue reading “Lamentations 1.1 – Princess”