Lamentations 1:9 ~ Her Filthiness

Her filthiness is in her skirts, She has soiled her name. She remembereth not her last end, The days when the Lord held her hand. Therefore she came down wonderfully, She faced her divine appointment. She had no comforter, No loving-kindness. O Lord, behold my affliction, No hearing ear. For the enemy hath magnified himself,Continue reading “Lamentations 1:9 ~ Her Filthiness”

Lamentations 1.7 ~ They Still Do

Jerusalem remembered in the days of her affliction, David said, “It is good for me,” And of her miseries, “That I have been afflicted.” All her pleasant things, “That I might learn thy statutes.” That she had in the days of old, When the Judges led Israel. When her people fell into the hand ofContinue reading “Lamentations 1.7 ~ They Still Do”