Sunday Morning Worship – January 2, 2022 – We Begin with the Beginning

Dear Church and Friends, Creek Road Baptist Church is reading through the Bible together in 2022 and I am preaching from our weekly readings each Sunday. This message begins that year-long series of messages starting in Genesis 1:1-5. Sunday Morning Worship videos will no longer be uploaded to YouTube on Sundays, or linked to aContinue reading “Sunday Morning Worship – January 2, 2022 – We Begin with the Beginning”

The Bible Bistro University – Genesis 1:1-31 – Session 1

Dear Church and Friends, Welcome to the Bible Bistro University! Today’s screen cast, session 1, will cover Genesis 1:1-31. You will find the outline that we create during the lesson linked below. I hope you enjoy this first study in the Creation story.

Judgments #160

Thy word is brilliant; Is radiant, and True from everlasting. The beginning tells a story, And every age continues the tale, One of mercy and truth. Thy righteous judgments take the leading role, and it Endureth for ever. Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever.Continue reading “Judgments #160”