Questions about Racism

Dear Church and Friends, Are there many races of men? Or, is there just one race? In this presentation, I will argue from the latter position as we look at Acts 17:24-26. With so much being said about race and racism in America, I think we need to consider the real problem. Racism leads toContinue reading “Questions about Racism”

Questions about Slavery

Dear Church and Friends, **NEW** This post inaugurates a new series of video podcasts called, Questions. I will address issues that the church is facing today from my perspective. These recordings are not an attempt to persuade. They are meant to gently answer inquiries into how the church behaves, what the Bible teaches, and howContinue reading “Questions about Slavery”

Sunday Morning Worship – Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner?

Dear Church and Friends, I hope you’re ready for some great hymns led by Sister Chadwell, two questions and answers from The Baptist Catechism, and a journey back to the anointing of David “in the midst of his brethren.” All of these were apart of the service on September 19, 2021. May the Lord speakContinue reading “Sunday Morning Worship – Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner?”