Lamentations 2.6 ~ Causation

And he hath violently taken away his tabernacle, He barred the way to fellowship. As if it were of a garden: Just like He did at Eden. He hath destroyed his places of the assembly: Scattering the strength of His people. The Lord hath caused the solemn feasts and sabbaths To be forgotten in Zion,Continue reading “Lamentations 2.6 ~ Causation”

Lamentations 2.5 ~ Swallowed

The Lord was as an enemy: Will He be again? He hath swallowed up Israel, His own people refused His way. He hath swallowed up all her palaces: The beautiful places were gone. He hath destroyed his strong holds, All the young men swept away. And hath increased in the daughter of Judah, This isContinue reading “Lamentations 2.5 ~ Swallowed”

Lamentations 2.4 ~ Poured Out

He hath bent his bow like an enemy: The arrows are aimed at our iniquity. We cannot complain, This comes from ruineous choices. He stood with his right hand as an adversary, Holding his glittering sword, And slew all that were pleasant to the eye. In the tabernacle of the daughter of Zion: This isContinue reading “Lamentations 2.4 ~ Poured Out”