Sunday Morning Worship – June 26, 2022 – When You Are Without

Dear Church and Friends, Asa and the men of Judah had just come from the battle with the Ethiopians when Azariah met them. He reinforced the very thing that they had just learned. The Lord God will hear and answer prayer. Find out what else Azariah preached in his sermon by listening to this episode.Continue reading “Sunday Morning Worship – June 26, 2022 – When You Are Without”

Precepts #63

I am established, settled, founded, A companion of mountains. Of all them that are upright, That fear the Lord God. Thee, the creator of mountains, And of those who trust. Them that walk in your ways, Keep your laws and statutes. Thy precepts go deep and reach high. I am a companion of all themContinue reading “Precepts #63”