You’ve found it! This is your home for fresh, delicious Bible study. What I like to call, “The best Bible bistro on the internet!”


That’s how I like to see it, anyway. Just you and me sitting down across the table from one another with our Bibles open. We are enjoying warm fellowship over an exciting passage of God’s word. And, what could be more thrilling than the Psalms.

Take a minute to look through this site. I’ve built it so that we might have a landing place on the internet to meet up. You’ll find extra content here such as my translations which are on The Word page. Just click the link on the Psalm you are interested in and a .pdf file will open.

On the Blog page, you’ll find more content as I add interesting bits from the commentaries I use, my own notes (from time to time) as well as my published articles linked from other sites. There no telling what I will post, so check back often to see what’s there.

I’ve tried to make the side bar useful with embedded content from a few of DDR’s social sites. The Feed page has the Soundcloud player where you can find all the episodes of Daily Dose Radio as well as my sermons from the Creek Road Baptist Pulpit.

I hope you’ll make plans to sit with me in our little cafe. Join me as we journey through the Psalms verse by verse.