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As things have changed so has the need for a web page to host all my projects.

This site handles three podcasts, Daily Dose Radio (our flagship program), Creek Road Baptist Pulpit, and the School of Wisdom podcasts. You will find pages for each in the menu.

Also in the menu, you will find the most active part of this site, the blog page. Check out my latest poem, case study, or link to a recent article.

I’m very excited about the Book page. Go there and you will discover links to my latest offerings on Amazon, for the Kindle as well as in paperback.

The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.

Psalm 68:11

Thy Word #42

So shall I have all that you provide; Wherewith to do your will. Answer him that reproacheth Christ, and As for me, your suffering is enough. Teach me the rest. For I trust in what your hand supplies; Thy word is a fount of blessing.

Thy Word #41

Let the rainfall remind me of Thy mercies so tender and essential. Come also unto me, like the sunshine, O Lord, even the moonlight shows your face. Thy salvation, like the warm breeze According to your abiding Holy Spirit. Thy word, the good soil I grow in.

Thy Word #38

Stablish what you have planted Thy word is your tool Unto eternal gardening Thy servant, the tender shoot, Who is devoted to soil, hand, and tool. Thy fear waters the furrows.

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