Lamentations 2.9 ~ Sunken Gates

Her gates are sunk into the ground; If the foundations be destroyed, What shall the righteous do? He hath destroyed and broken her bars: The glory of the cities of all the earth Falls now into ruin. Her king and her princes are among the Gentiles: The Leadership is spend and carried off, Their iniquitiesContinue reading “Lamentations 2.9 ~ Sunken Gates”

Lamentations 2.8 ~ His Purpose

The Lord hath purposed to destroy Who can stay his hand? The wall of the daughter of Zion: She that is ancient and founded ends. He hath stretched out a line, He measures out the ruin before it falls He hath not withdrawn his hand from destroying: His purpose and line must be satisfied. ThereforeContinue reading “Lamentations 2.8 ~ His Purpose”

Lamentations 2.7 ~ No more

The Lord hath cast off his altar, No more whole burnt offerings, No more sin offerings, No more trespass offerings, No more peace offerings. No more. He hath abhorred his sanctuary, No more laver, No more incense altar, No more shew bread, No more candlestick, No more. He hath given up into the hand ofContinue reading “Lamentations 2.7 ~ No more”

Lamentations 2.6 ~ Causation

And he hath violently taken away his tabernacle, He barred the way to fellowship. As if it were of a garden: Just like He did at Eden. He hath destroyed his places of the assembly: Scattering the strength of His people. The Lord hath caused the solemn feasts and sabbaths To be forgotten in Zion,Continue reading “Lamentations 2.6 ~ Causation”